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The Home Buying Process

We are here to walk you through the home buying process step by step.

1. Meet with Agent

Meet in person, zoom or a phone call. Whatever works best with your schedule. This home buyer consultation will help you come up with a game plan and discuss your options.

4. Make An Offer

Once you find the right one, it's time to make an offer! 

2. Get Pre-Approved

We will help you connect with mortgage lenders that would be a good fit for you. This is an important step so you when you fall in love with a home, you will be ready to make an offer.

5. Inspections & Loan Approval

After an offer is accepted, home inspections will be scheduled. The appraisal and final loan approval will happen during this time as well.

3. Start House Hunting

This is the fun part! Now you are ready for your agent to schedule showings at homes you may be interested in. 

6. Close & Celebrate!

Congratulations! You are now a homeowner!

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