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Oregon Adventure Realty Exclusively Presents

Immersive Reality Experience

Viewing 3D virtual tours online is just the beginning. At Oregon Adventure Realty, we decided to take it to the next level- hosting a cutting-edge, immersive experience to find your dream home. 

Immerse Yourself

Oculus Quest 2

Immerse yourself by walking through multiple homes within a matter of minutes. Our clients are shocked with this riveting technology. 

5 Showings in 15 Minutes.

"I have never experienced ANYTHING like this.  I could immediately understand the exact floor plan of the house I was in. I was able to determine which houses worked for me, and which ones don't. "

- Pete Davidson

Virtual Reality


"One of the biggest concerns when selling my home, was the thought of strangers walking through my house. I have a busy schedule and it's hard to arrange appointments. As soon as I found out about the tech that Oregon Adventure Realty offered, I felt at ease that people can tour my home with little commitment to my presence."

-Bilbo Baggins

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